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from the Executive Director

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A message sent to Broward County School Board

from Executive Director

Lisa Maxwell


Broward County School Board Members:


I have had the honor and privilege of serving as the Executive Director of the Broward Principals' and Assistant Principals' Association since 1994. I am deeply grateful for having had this opportunity, and my purpose is and always has been driven by a deep devotion to seeing our students, staff, and community flourish. Both of my parents were teachers and they instilled in me the values of the profession, not the least of which are empathy and compassion. 


During my tenure I have worked with five Superintendents, numerous elected School Board Members, and staff. Each transition has been a time of both loss and a renewed optimism about the possibility of transformational change. I believe we are standing in the doorway of one of the most important moments in the District's collective history. The eyes of the Nation are upon us. There will no doubt be pain, but I also believe there will be leaders who rise to accept the mantle of responsibility that the care of thousands of students, teachers, employees, and parents require and deserve. Broward County Public Schools has a distinguished and long history of pride in our academic achievements and, even more importantly, in the love and compassion our employees show for the children of this community each and every day. We are not perfect; there are and will continue to be great trials and testing of the mettle of our fiber, but we continue to stand for what is our ultimate goal, and that is: our children learn, grow, and thrive because of who we are. 


I want the School Board to know that the Principals and Assistant Principals in this District desire to be an integral part of creating the next chapter for our District. They are committed to bringing forth their talents, gifts, and experience in an effort to create what could possibly be a completely new and innovative way to deliver the educational tools our students need to grow and prosper in this era. We must, collectively, form a bold, powerful vision for the future that we will create and step into. We must communicate that vision and achieve the necessary consensus in order to restore public confidence and catapult us into that new world.


Our message to the School Board is that we are ready and eager to offer all of our resources, hearts, and souls to building a bright and harmonious future going forward; all so that our children can truly know that they are cherished and valued. 

Lisa Maxwell

Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association Executive Director

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