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The primary mission of the BPAA is to generate one voice representing school-based administrators in order to provide a favorable working environment.

Friday, February 26

6-8 p.m.

Lockhart Park’s

Inter Miami CF Stadium

1350 NW 55th St.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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White Feather

Principal of the Year

Dr. Washington Collado

James S. Rickards Middle School


Heather Hedman-DeVaughn

Manatee Bay Elementary School


Christine Henschel

South Plantation High School

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Assistant Principal 

of the Year


Kristine Knapp

Charles W. Flanagan High School


Louis Kushner

New Renaissance Middle School


Anthony Smith

Everglades High School

The Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association

A Note from the President

Greetings, Educators,


As president of Broward Principals' and Assistants’ Association (BPAA), I can honestly say that it is a privilege to serve our members.  We are a professional organization that supports, engages, and serves as the voice of principals and assistant principals in the Broward County School District.  The primary mission of the BPAA is to generate one voice representing school-based administrators in order to provide a favorable environment for principals and assistant principals in Broward County.  


Our approach is respectful of the tradition of advocacy and partnership with the Broward County Public Schools.  Advocacy because we are vehement in being an honest friend to the BCPS raising the issues that we feel are pertinent to our members. But BPAA is also a partner to our District because we often team up to pursue initiatives, engage in improving processes, and provide timely and relevant input for the benefit of students, teachers, administrators, and communities all over Broward County. 


Currently, I’m pleased to work together with Lisa Maxwell who serves as our Executive Director.  Working with our Board of Directors, made up of principals and assistant principals from all levels, we meet monthly to discuss relevant topics that affect school administrators. BPAA represents over 500 members made up of assistant principals and principals from across our district.  


If you are a member, thank you for your trust in BPAA.  Along with our Board of Directors, we will continue to work on your behalf.  If you are not a member, we encourage you to fill out an application and follow the process to become a member.  Our goal is to have 100% of all school administrators as members and continue to provide and enhance the following services:   

  • Legal defense in employment situations

  • Leadership and mentoring academy by Ms. Sharon Airaghi

  • Interviewing Workshops

  • Financial Seminars

  • Holiday gatherings

  • Summer Institute

  • BPAA Softball Championship

  • And much, much more!!! 


It is our sincere hope that you will have a successful school year. 



Washington B. Collado, Ph. D.

Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association President

A Note from the Executive Director

Never before have school-based administrators faced so many challenges in the performance of their jobs.  Public Education is one of the fastest areas of critical change in terms of any public or private entity.  The speed of change is related to so many factors such as technology, safety, and security, delivery of key services to children such as mental health, and ESE services.  Public Education also faces challenges from political forces including the charter school movement and efforts to privatize public schools.  

The Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association has been a stalwart stand for school-based administrators since the 1970s.  We have a long history of advocacy and a voice to speak to power by carrying the message of our school principals and assistant principals to the educational system in Broward and across the State.  From our advocacy efforts in Tallahassee to our participation in scholarship programs for our neediest of children, BPAA produces effective and creative change.  

We hope you will join us and become a part of a team of principals and assistant principals working to generate positive policies along with collaborative relationships in our desire to contribute to the future and benefit of the lives of our students and community.  


Lisa Maxwell

Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association Executive Director

Michelle Kefford, Principal of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, named a finalist for National Principal of the Year.



What Is The Broward Principals'

and Assistants' Association?

BPAA is an association of school-based administrators who offer services for principals and assistant principals. BPAA is made up of over 500 members.

What Does


The primary mission of the BPAA is to generate one voice representing school-based administrators in order to provide a favorable working environment.


Membership in the Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association provides its members with genuine community involvement.

Officers and the Board

Executive Board Members are elected by the membership to advise our Executive Director and General Board Members. Board members are appointed by the current BPAA President.



Membership to BPAA provides you with access to several exclusive services and benefits.


In an effort to support its members, BPAA has established a Leadership Academy in conjunction with Manage2Lead. The Leadership Academy is facilitated by Sharon Airaghi, President of Manage2Lead, who has extensive experience as an educator and administrator with Broward County Schools.  She brings a wealth of knowledge about leadership, mentoring, building relationships, and customer service to our organization. BPAA truly understands that leaders today work in a very fast-paced, complex, and demanding environment. They must have the skills to lead their school while simultaneously managing all operations. Administrators are required to manage the day-to-day operations of their schools, motivate teachers and staff to perform at their highest level to ensure results, and make sense of the new ever-changing demands while demonstrating that they have a competitive edge. The BPAA Leadership Academy will provide administrators with the tools and support necessary to become high-performing leaders.  It will also offer support and coaching to identify leaders who may need assistance navigating their careers into the desired direction; thus building and sustaining strong, positive leaders for BPAA and the SBBC.

Sharon Airaghi

President of Manage2Lead




Learn More About Our Benefits and Services

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The Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association advocates for its members, therefore, improving the quality of the working environment and the delivery of education in Broward County. Let us answer all your questions. Contact us today! 


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