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To All BPAA Members

We must blast email the bill sponsors, but also we must blast email the House and Senate Leadership. The Senate bill Sponsor (which is Senate Bill # 1902) is Senator Mike Bennett. The House Sponsor is Rep. Tom Grady (House bill # 1319).

This legislation was introduced very late in the session (just in the last several days have these bills taken form - They were originally filed as shell bills without the content) and they are moving rapidly.

Please go to, select the government tab and then go to both the House of Representatives and The Senate web pages. Email the Senate President, Speaker of the House, and the House and Senate leadership as indicated on the web pages. There are direct link emails on these pages.

Tell these conservative, uncaring, blankety blanks, just how you feel about having your pensions slashed, your benefits taken away. Tell them how this affects your future, your families and your decisions as to whether or not to stay in Education. Talk about how you are holding the line on Student Achievement while taking no raises, and working double hours due to staff cuts and unfunded state mandates like Differentiated Accountability. Tell them you will work to ensure they are not re-elected - that you will instead support those who truly care about education and don't just give it lip service. Tell them you will talk to your neighbors and friends about how shortsighted and mean spirited this legislators are who support these bills.

Also, be sure to cc: members of the Broward Legislative Delegation as they need to know we are fighting. Use your home computer and don't hesitate to send your email more than once. Ask your family and friends to also send messages. If Sen. Bennett and Rep. Grady have Face book Pages - post messages to them...Make phone calls to their legislative offices and flood them with information and comments. It really does make a difference.

BPAA is pulling out all the stops working in Tallahassee with a coalition of other Associations and interest groups to stop this horrible legislation. We need you to join the fight with us!!!

Lisa Maxwell

BPAA Executive Director